Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yet Again

फिर क्या हुआ ये राह की दुश्वारियों से पूछ,
बस इतना याद है तेरी जानिब चला था मैं..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

पिछली रात में....

चांदनी रातें , चांदनी रातें
चांदनी रातें , चांदनी रातें

सब जग सोये हम जागें
तारों से करें बातें

चांदनी रातें , चांदनी रातें
चांदनी रातें , चांदनी रातें

तकते तकते टूटी जाए आस
पिया ना आए रे तकते तकते
शाम सवेरे दर्द अनोखे उठे
जिया घबराए रे शाम सवेरे

रातों ने मेरी नींद लूट ली
दिन के चैन चुराए रे
दुखिया आखें ढूँढ रही हैं
कहीं प्यार की बातें

चांदनी रातें , चांदनी रातें
चांदनी रातें , चांदनी रातें

पिछली रात में हम उठ उठ के
चुपके चुपके रोये रे पिछली रात में
सुख की नींद में मीत हमारे
देस पराये सोये रे सुख की नींद में

दिल की धड़कनें तुझे पुकारे
आजा बालम आई बहारें
बैठ के तन्हाई में करलें
सुख दुःख की दो बातें

चांदनी रातें , चांदनी रातें
चांदनी रातें , चांदनी रातें

सब जग सोये हम जागें
तारों से करें बातें

चांदनी रातें , चांदनी रातें
चांदनी रातें , चांदनी रातें

Monday, September 15, 2008

Blank - for sometimes words fall short...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Virgin? Really?

Ok...Erased a full block of around 12 lines....and why? For it was about life and I was trying to take a shot at making fun of it. But somehow got the feel, its always life that wins in the end. I may end up writing a blog post or a funny one liner but its Life that will have the last laugh.

Had heard this earlier in life and just thought of it as yet another interesting funny one liner. But then I have felt it and the feeling goes so deep that it is beyond any cribbing. "Nobody dies a virgin. Life screws everyone".

Somehow I always wanted to see life in the form of "Liv Tyler" draped in white, descending from the skies, and taking me in her arms and telling me for one last time...yet again...that Life is worth living for the sheer pleasure of enjoying her beauty(?). For now its the responsibilities, the relationships, the many commitments that you have which makes us look at life from a conformist's viewpoint. And its not me. Its everyone, behind the masquerades that they have put on for different people..different environments, each of us has a wish for something better, something different. As much as everyone would disagree, I might never come to terms with their disagreement. I never will.

I am not a disbeliever, nor a pessimist. I love to look at life from a glass window that is crystal clear...unstained. But ain't it true that we all have our own "What If..." and "काश...". Any answers why?

Its probably in the run up to these what if's that we find our own pleasures....for maybe the seeking is really bigger than the attainment. Maybe it was never about getting what you wanted. Maybe it was always about the pursuit. And maybe....just maybe...we all find our places in the crowd. To each his own. A no name face is a face afterall.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

उस रात की बात...

इस आखरी जश्न में
एक ज़िन्दगी और जी लेते हैं ..

शायद आखरी रात है ...
बस आज और पी लेते हैं ..

कुछ लम्हे रह जायेंगे
खुरदुरी सी यादों के ..

और टुकड़े बच जायेंगे
सपनों की बातों के ..

वो आस बस रहेगी ..
और दिल फिर कहेगा ..

वो बात कुछ और थी..
ये बात कुछ और है..

वो शाम कुछ और थी ..
ये शाम कुछ और है..

Monday, September 08, 2008

Sounds in Silence

The sounds get louder. And then you stop hearing your own voice.
You stop hearing your own thoughts.
They curse you. You curse them.
Selflessness perishes. Self interest prevails.
Perversion is visible now. In thoughts and in action.

Who was right? Who is wrong?
Doesn't matter.
Nobody bothers.

You die. They die. You wish they didn't.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Life's Unfair or is it just me?

It lay there

And Pain
Salty Eyes
Thirsty Rain

Moist cheeks
Someone cried
Said and Forgotten
But the Rose just died

Crib. Yet Another Crib. For when expectation doesn't meet your desperation, this is the best refuge you can take. I do. I run for shelter at the first sight of trouble, or so has been the case lately. I remember a quote from Helen Keller- "Life is either a daring adventure....or nothing". Am I then living in a nothingness and cursing it? Who is to be blamed?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Till Death Do Us Part

Something I wrote in yet another class a couple of days back. Something that could have been written in two ways and for some reason ended up taking this shape. Most of those who read it have not liked a couple of facts about it. I still cannot understand why though.
This is something which I had in mind for a long time. Had to get out one way or the other. And I preferred it this way.