Friday, April 21, 2006


Didn't feel anything at the nostalgia today....did not have time for it...went, ate and came...that was it...I don't know what the repercussions are all about..I suddenly played the songs of Yaadein...remember them clearly as those were the ones I used to hear during ragging...missed home..I had a a walkman...probably Abhijeet's- my next door neighbor at that time......he is currently in Delhi, probably having forgotten all about me and gearing up hard for his IAS thingy...Well, Best of Luck to him..

I have seen a lot in these five years here..probably like everyone else..a little more maybe..but I never wished or rather saw myself bidding farewell to this place so easily...I was hurt when people left last time...but didn't feel it before everything happened...but then, most of them were not the people I care the most about..

This time the 'thesis' has made the idea of being nostalgic more unapproachable for me. I don't have time, or to put it truly, the energy to think of that. And I know the time to come is not easy. Just want everything to be ok once I move out from here...and want most of us to stay connected. And also wish for the unspoken difficulties to not happen..Let live in peace.