Friday, October 31, 2008

दर्द और दवा

नहीं कहते कि दर्द हमारा है ज़माने से बढ़ कर,
ग़म बस इस बात का है कि दर्द भी तुम हो और दवा भी...

Sunday, October 26, 2008


नहीं फुर्सत यकीन मानो हमें कुछ और करने की,
तेरी बातें, तेरी यादें, बहुत मसरूफ रखती हैं...

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Maybe 'twas Love...

The first tears,
and the first fight.
The early mornings,
and that late night.

The sweet nothings,
that were never said.
The love-hate letters
that were again re-read.

A wish from the heart,
which came to be true.
He wished for everything,
And he got you.

But a twist in tale,
and not all seemed right.
A heart broken,
another heart's plight.

It fell apart,
or so it was told.
We never knew,
what made them hold.

He still remembers,
She still cries.
His painful longing,
Her Misty eyes.

But regret they don't,
and tell us with a smile.
Even a moment together
made it all worthwhile.

For love is blind,
we all construe.

But maybe 'twas Love,
and maybe it was true.

A little less..or a little more?

I have been off late (in fact-for most of my existence probably) accused of being too philosophical. In plain simple words that translates to what I say/ imply/ mean is hypothetical/ non-existent/ non-real/ bull. Yeah, surprising? But I knew what you all meant when you guys were saying this to me! I ain't this stupid.

A yearning to be special- they say its in everyone and I am no different. Agree.
A feeling of communicating without speaking- they say its, well for the lack of a better word- cr*p, doesn't mean much. Agree.
A want, a need, a desire to be desired- they say its in basic human/animal instinct. Don't agree.

Why do things lose meaning if you are not unique in wishing for them?

You either end up wishing for a little more of happiness or....a little less of the pain.