Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Tryst with Destiny (?)

I met a lady the other day,
"Luck is my name", she did say..
Respectfully, I got out of the way
"Ladies first", I did pray.
Surprized and Smiling, she went away...

Another one from inside the classroom. I wonder if this is how they had planned to bring out creativity in the students. By the way, wrote this one in our Managerial Communication (ManComm) class. Pretty sure this is exactly how a mangerial communication should/will/must not proceed.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Random Perceptions about a Statistical Disadvantage

- An ode to a concept called Class Participation (CP)

"Oh Sir- is it because of the food chain?"

"-or is it really the monetary gain?"

Looking back in disdain,

I pray to God...not again!

Class Participation or so they say,

Is Bright sunshine, so make some hay

"WTF?", you express dismay..

This, my friends, is Em Bee Yay!

Left my job, Forgot "Friday"

Borrowed millions, just to pay.

And all for what?

-Bloody tape-recorders play!

Insanity-thou art CP..

Boggles me, makes me sleepy

Reiteration, Desperation and......Reiteration

And by the way- we are the "cream of our nation".

I must add here that I am thankful to the Professors here at IIMB, who instilled in me enough desire and woke up (pun definitely intended) the creative (?) side of me.

You see, MBA does weird stuff to you- this was written during a really "interesting" MO (Managing Organizations) lecture. Ohh and I must add, it was only the second lecture of that course....

I am desperate to keep my sanity (no pun intended) close to me but then is it my fault really?